Inspiring Transformation

Keynote Speaker ~ Workshop Facilitator

Whether you seek to create more connection or transform a personal or organizational vision into results, Sherry teaches you the tools to transform thinking and align actions to bridge where are with where you wish to be.

Program Offerings


Awaken Your Light | Empower Your Vision

You and your team or organization will create results in the next three months and three years, either by design or by default. In this very fun and inspiring event, you will clarify your vision, check in with your beliefs, and choose your next steps.


Be a Transformational Leader

The universal laws of leadership may be simple, yet not always easy. In this event, you will learn the universal laws of transformational leadership transformation, decide how to apply them to your life, and gain the confidence to take your life and leadership to a higher level.


Mediation and Conflict Transformation

 Approached constructively, conflict may be an opportunity to increase understanding, generate new ideas and solutions, and create better long-term term results. This is the ideal class for leaders and organizations who wish to increase morale, productivity, relationships, and the bottom line. To schedule a private customized class for your business, organization or department, please click here


Creating Connective Communications

As you walk through the very practical eleven steps to conflict resolution and peace building, you gain the tools and confidence to resolve conflict and create peace at home, in your workplace, and out in the community. 


Design the Right Training for Your Business, Group, or Organization

Would you like a training designed specifically for your business, group, or organization? Let's chat about what your team most needs to bridge the gap from where are now to where you wish to be. Whether you seek a clearer, common vision, communication, conflict resolution, de-escalation, empathetic listening, or basic mediation skills, we will design a training to meet your needs.