Training Programs

Our training programs teach important skills to confidently approach conflict situations with clarity and compassion. Learn proven, reliable techniques to show up at your best and improve communication at home, work, and in the community.

Program Offerings


Approaching Challenging Conversations

What do you say when you disagree with someone? Avoiding conflict or showing up with aggression tends to impact other areas of life. Learn to approach challenging conversations with compassion, curiosity, and clarity. This class also includes Non-Violent Communication (NVC) skills training. (Attend a one day three hour class or one hour classes for three weeks.)


Communicating for Couples

A spouse who says, “You are always on the phone” might really be saying, “I need connection.” A partner who says, “I never do anything right” might be asking for support.  Are you ready to take your communication to another level? (One hour live on-line class, series of four may attend one or more.)


Conflict Management and Mediation 2.0

This class meets Minnesota's mandatory Peace Officer Standard Training Conflict Management and Mediation Skills requirements. To schedule a private class for your area or department, please click here. (6 POST credits approved.)


Connective Communication Skills

You have the personal power to experience peace in any moment. Learn proven, reliable tools to clearly and confidently state your needs, and practice empathy and compassion when listening and responding at home, work, or in the community. 


Workplace Dispute Resolution

Conflict takes a toll on morale and productivity and costs time and money in businesses and organizations. Learn proven, reliable ways to communicate empathically and effectively between leadership and employees, among colleagues, and with clients and vendors. 


Design the Right Training for Your Business, Group, or Organization

Would you like a training designed specifically for your business, group, or organization? You may choose to learn conflict management and resolution, communication, de-escalation, empathetic listening, non-violent communication, and/or mediation skills. We will plan the right training to meet your needs.