Training Programs

Our training programs teach important skills to confidently approach conflict situations with clarity and compassion. Learn proven techniques to show up at your best and improve communication at home, work, and in the community.

Program Offerings


Communicating through Conflict

We practice many skills in life and sometimes forget to learn and practice the skills we need to navigate disagreements. In Communicating through Conflict, you will learn to confidently approach disagreements with compassion, curiosity, and clarity.
This class also includes Non-Violent Communication (NVC) skill training. Maximum of 15 participants.


Conflict Management 101: POST Skills

This class meets Minnesota's mandatory Peace Officer Standard Training Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills requirements. To schedule a private class for your area or department, please click here. (4 POST credits approved.)


Peacebuilding Skills

You have the personal power to be at peace and create peace. Learn to master the moment, engage with empathy, listen to learn, and choose compassion.


Workplace and Organization Conflict Resolution

Conflict takes a toll on morale and productivity and costs time and money. Learn to acknowledge needs, while maintaining clarity. Practice empathy and clear communication skills. (2 hours)


Design the Right Training for Your Business, Group, or Organization

Would you like a training designed specifically for your business, group, or organization? You may choose to learn conflict resolution, communication, de-escalation, empathetic listening, non-violent communication, and/or mediation skills. We will plan the right training to meet your needs.