Conflict Coaching or Peace Coaching?

 Sometimes when we disagree with someone or need to confront a difficult conversation, we either shut down or speak aggressively. A personal peace coach helps you clarify and fully consider the situation so that you may approach it confidently with clarity, compassion, and curiosity. Coaching helps you focus on your future result and create a plan to show up as your best self in those challenging moments. Whether you call it conflict coaching or peace coaching, a personal coach helps you move from a place of conflict to peace.

Why Coaching?

People invest a lot of time and emotional energy thinking about disagreements, turning them over in their mind, fretting over situations and not fully addressing them. People also spend money on habits and tools to avoid dealing with or masking the conflict. Peace coaching helps you speak your truth in a clear and compassionate way so that you can address issues and start living a life you wish for. You learn tools to not only address the immediate conflict but to address future issues as well. Compassionate communication tools help at home, work, organizations, and in the community.

Examples of Coaching Situations


A top employee's communication style frustrates co-workers as well as management, which leaves you to pick up the pieces. How do you frame conversations to not only find short-term solutions, but also long-term resolution?


Family gatherings weigh on you, whether you  dread a political or religious discussion, or the same past conversation. Who can you be in those moments while clearly speaking your truth and showing compassion?


Someone offers to help with organizational project, although history suggests the person may not follow through. What can you say and do to clarify expectations, while showing gratitude and compassion for the offer?

Who Does Coaching Help?


Spouses/Partners, children, In-laws, siblings, parents, or grandparents


Business owners, human resource professionals, or employees.


Members and leaders of charitable, philanthropic, or religious organizations

And anyone else involved in a dispute.

What Happens In Coaching?


Most conflict starts in a moment in which someone says or does something or does not do or say anything. People often label the moment as good or bad or right or wrong, rather being clear about what one observes.
A conflict coach helps clarify the facts and thoughts to bring clarity the moment.  


In every moment, someone demonstrates whether their needs are being met or unmet. If someone shows up with anger, frustration, or disappointment, it signifies an unmet need. A conflict coach helps you identify and consider the underlying need so you can get to the crux of the situation. 


Once the underlying need has been identified, it is time to create ideas for resolution. 
A conflict coach will teach you clear, compassionate communication tools so that you show up with clarity, compassion, and curiosity when addressing this situation and other challenging conversations.


"I work with a coach, who teaches me tools to increase my physical strength.  This coaching helps me show up as a better version of myself. As a coach, I offer people the tools and confidence to approach challenging conversations with clarity, compassion, and curiosity. I love hearing from clients about the positive difference coaching makes in their personal and professional lives."

-Sherry Bruckner, Coach, Mediator, Peace Builder

“Sherry is compassionate, talented, and open minded. I highly recommend Bruckner Mediation.”

Katie T.

“Sherry was the first person I contacted when a conflict came up and I needed some insight before responding. As a service-oriented business, it is imperative the needs of my clients come first without detriment to the business. She has a unique way of helping one see from different perspectives, of wording responses so that others’ needs are heard and met and of keeping the conversation continuing until both parties felt an adequate resolution.”

Melissa O.

“Sherry gave me a chance to consider my own messaging and habits, which gave me the curiosity to discover new perspectives and insights. In finding peace within myself, I am also becoming a more understanding, compassionate, and loving partner in my relationships.” 

Jami G.

“Sherry has the unique ability to use both her intuition and her intellect when approaching any situation. This well-rounded ability makes for an approach to situations that is both practical and intuitive. She asks questions that lead to the solutions and uncovers practical ways of resolving them. Whomever she encounters will be working with the very best and I am grateful to have been one of them.” 

Muzamba S.

“Bruckner Mediation really helped us find peaceful resolutions by using communication tools and thoughtful compassion. Sherry has a great way of listening to understand and lovely words to guide us to our own new understanding.”

Dan and Jami G.