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A conversation between two or more people that a neutral person (mediator) facilitates. A mediator, trained in conflict resolution, helps the folks involved engage in a more constructive conversation. The folks involved in the mediation are called participants or sometimes parties.

In peace coaching or conflict consulting, a coach or consultant works privately with one participant or party. In mediation, the mediator works with all the participants or parties involved in a conflict or who seek help engaging in a more constructive conversation. Bruckner Mediation refers to coaching as working directly with one individual, while consulting includes working with an organization (even if only one person in the organization consults with Bruckner Mediation).

While counseling tends to delve into the past, peace coaching and conflict consulting remains future focused. While it is certainly important to understand the situation or circumstance that exists right now, Bruckner Mediation helps you clarify where you wish to go and the results you wish to create. Then, you may create a plan to bridge where you are with where you wish to be. Bruckner Mediation provides coaching and consulting. Besides being a licensed attorney and experienced mediator, Sherry Ann Bruckner is a certified Life Mastery Consultant with the Brave Thinking Institute.

Bruckner Mediation does not offer counseling. If you seek counseling, you are encouraged to find a trained counselor who best meets your individual needs.

If the other individual(s) involved in a dispute do not agree to participate in mediation, you may choose peace coaching, conflict consulting, or enroll in on-line classes.

While it may feel frustrating or disappointing that someone is unwilling to participate in mediation, remember they likely view this choice as the best way to meet their own needs at this particular time. It may be a time for you to continue to notice your needs and enhance your own conflict resolution, peace building, and transformation skills. You may also find complimentary resources for noticing needs and engaging in more constructive conversations online by clicking here.

For Bruckner Mediation, most mediations occur online through a Zoom platform, although you may certainly choose an in-person mediation in your preferred location.

The Zoom platform allows all participants to meet in a main room akin to a large conference room. It also allows participants to meet in private conference rooms, which Zoom refers to as breakout rooms. If anyone enters a breakout room, each participant will be asked to enter their respective breakout rooms.  The mediator may still caucus with on-line mediation participants as requested, or for the duration of the mediation, based upon the preference of the participants.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) allows you to participate in mediation from wherever you have an internet connection.

No. A mediator does not provide legal advice and cannot do so under Minnesota Rule 114. The whole premise of mediation is self-determination, meaning the participants or parties determine the outcome themselves.

Sherry Ann Bruckner practiced law for twenty years, and remains a licensed attorney, which gives her insight and understanding into the conflict situations people face. However, as the mediator, she remains neutral and impartial. If an agreement is reached, the participants or parties decide what is says.

The mediator remains neutral and impartial. The mediator seeks to understand each participants’ needs and provides space for an honest and constructive conversation. The participants decide what issues are discussed and what any agreement says.

It depends. Mediation participants or parties may be in the same room or different rooms. Whether you engage in online dispute resolution (ODR) or in-person mediation, you choose whether you see each other.

When participants choose to be in separate rooms, and the mediator goes back and forth between the rooms, it is called a caucus. The participants may stay in caucus for the duration of the mediation or may come together in the same space at some point.

Most mediations currently occur online through a Zoom platform. The Zoom platform allows all participants to meet in a main room akin to a large conference room. It also allows participants to meet in private conference rooms, which Zoom calls breakout rooms.

Mediation is appropriate when you need help engaging in a more constructive conversation. Sometimes just having a neutral person facilitate the conversation helps folks focus and behave in a more civil and respectful manner.

Some people choose mediation to get help with a conversation to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. Others choose a mediator after starting a court action, or when ordered by the court to participate in mediation.

Bruckner Mediation facilitates conversations ranging from restoring relationships with estranged family members and caring for aging parents to custody and marriage dissolution cases, bias and discrimination charges, employment termination, housing and other civil matters.

You may contact Bruckner Mediation to facilitate a conversation about a family, workplace, or organizational issue.

Prior to the mediation, the participants or parties tell the mediator what issues they want to discuss.

The mediator facilitates a conversation allowing each participant or party to share views and wishes. The mediator actively listens and holds space for the participants or parties to share ideas. The mediator helps folks discern what options might best meet needs, goals or wishes.

The participants choose what to discuss, and if they reach an agreement, the participants or parties decide what is says.

You may download a complimentary guide to preparing for mediation by clicking here.

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“Sherry is compassionate, talented, and open minded. I highly recommend Bruckner Mediation.”

Katie T.

“Sherry was the first person I contacted when a conflict came up and I needed some insight before responding. As a service-oriented business, it is imperative the needs of my clients come first without detriment to the business. She has a unique way of helping one see from different perspectives, of wording responses so that others’ needs are heard and met and of keeping the conversation continuing until both parties felt an adequate resolution.”

Melissa O.

“Sherry gave me a chance to consider my own messaging and habits, which gave me the curiosity to discover new perspectives and insights. In finding peace within myself, I am also becoming a more understanding, compassionate, and loving partner in my relationships.” 

Jami G.

“Sherry has the unique ability to use both her intuition and her intellect when approaching any situation. This well-rounded ability makes for an approach to situations that is both practical and intuitive. She asks questions that lead to the solutions and uncovers practical ways of resolving them. Whomever she encounters will be working with the very best and I am grateful to have been one of them.” 

Muzamba S.

"Sherry skillfully combines motivation, warmth and humor into her "Awaken Your Light" workshop. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for clarity or inspiration to take the next step."


Katie T.

“Bruckner Mediation really helped us find peaceful resolutions by using communication tools and thoughtful compassion. Sherry has a great way of listening to understand and lovely words to guide us to our own new understanding.”

Dan and Jami G.

Sherry has taught Conflict Management and Mediation 2.0 to our entire police agency. Sherry has a unique skill and way of delivering a message that keeps people engaged. She uses personal experiences and allows everyone the opportunity to learn and be heard. Great class and can’t wait to continue learning from Bruckner Mediation

Captain Kevin G.

Sherry has a keen ability to listen to all sides and think creatively to positively resolve complex legal and emotional issues.

Anne H.

"I felt like Sherry was speaking directly to me. I walked away feeling hopeful and changed. She convinced me that the future is now and I have the power to own it! "

Carol W.