Why Mediation?

  • Discuss Issues Privately
  • Reclaim Decision Making Ability
  • Spend Energy More Effectively

What Types of Mediation?

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Family Mediation

  • Marriage Issues / Divorce Mediation
  • Parenting Time / Custody Mediation
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Family Estate Discussions
  • Asset Division / Child Support

Organizational Mediation

  • Leadership Change
  • Restructuring / Succession Planning
  • Communication Style Differences
  • Budget Matters
  • Value-Based Decision-Making

Workplace Mediation

  • Ownership Disputes
  • Supervisor - Employee Conflict
  • Client / Consumer Concerns
  • Co-worker Disagreements
  • Morale and Productivity Issues

On-Line Dispute Resolution

If you have a dispute with any individual or group, you may participate in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in which the mediation occurs through an online meeting room. Whether you want a divorce mediator in Minnesota or need help resolving another civil conflict, you may participate in mediation from wherever you have privacy and good internet access.

What Happens In Mediation?


Mediator listens to understand and clarify each participants needs and wishes.


Mediator supports an open dialogue facilitating a constructive conversation.


Participants create ideas for resolution and make all decisions about the outcome. 


"During my twenty years of practicing law, I witnessed the time, money, and emotional energy exhausted in litigation. When folks create their own solution in a private mediation, they usually feel better, save time and money, and the resolution lasts. Mediation helps people engage in meaningful and constructive conversations."

-Sherry Bruckner, Civil and Family Mediator

Are You Ready To Talk Mediation?

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“Sherry is compassionate, talented, and open minded. I highly recommend Bruckner Mediation.”

Katie T.

“Sherry was the first person I contacted when a conflict came up and I needed some insight before responding. As a service-oriented business, it is imperative the needs of my clients come first without detriment to the business. She has a unique way of helping one see from different perspectives, of wording responses so that others’ needs are heard and met and of keeping the conversation continuing until both parties felt an adequate resolution.”

Melissa O.

“Sherry gave me a chance to consider my own messaging and habits, which gave me the curiosity to discover new perspectives and insights. In finding peace within myself, I am also becoming a more understanding, compassionate, and loving partner in my relationships.” 

Jami G.

“Sherry has the unique ability to use both her intuition and her intellect when approaching any situation. This well-rounded ability makes for an approach to situations that is both practical and intuitive. She asks questions that lead to the solutions and uncovers practical ways of resolving them. Whomever she encounters will be working with the very best and I am grateful to have been one of them.” 

Muzamba S.

“Bruckner Mediation really helped us find peaceful resolutions by using communication tools and thoughtful compassion. Sherry has a great way of listening to understand and lovely words to guide us to our own new understanding.”

Dan and Jami G.

Sherry has taught Conflict Management and Mediation 2.0 to our entire police agency. Sherry has a unique skill and way of delivering a message that keeps people engaged. She uses personal experiences and allows everyone the opportunity to learn and be heard. Great class and can’t wait to continue learning from Bruckner Mediation

Captain Kevin G.

Sherry has a keen ability to listen to all sides and think creatively to positively resolve complex legal and emotional issues.

Anne H.