Time to Update the Communication Toolkit?

What kinds of tools do you have to make life easier?

Tools help me with mixing, blending, cooking, organizing, and fixing inside the house, and digging, raking, and cutting in the yard.

I am also grateful for the communication tools that help me in resolving conflict, which I continually sharpen and upgrade through practicing, reading, training, and collaborating with colleagues.

Like any tool, having it does not mean using it. Yet the more I practice the peace building tools, the more comfortable I get with it, and the more naturally I turn to them.

When it comes to communication, I keep clarity, compassion and curiosity on the top shelf for easy access.

  1. Clarity: Being clear in expressing thoughts, feelings, and needs. Starting sentences with “I feel…” or “I need…” rather than “You made me feel… “ or “You need to…”   
  2. Compassion: Showing care for the person with an understanding that the person speaks or acts to meet a need. A person may be shown love while also being held accountable.   
  3. Curiosity: Approaching a situation with genuine wonder. Asking questions with a sincere desire to better understand.   

People sometimes spend lots of time practicing various skills and using different tools.

When you do not realize the importance of a tool, it may be easy to ignore.

How often do you care for, sharpen, or upgrade those tools?

This may be the perfect time to sharpen your conflict resolution, communication and peace building tools. You may do so by clicking here.

What are your go to conflict resolution tools?

How often do you update them?

What if updating your communication tools improves your conversations at home, work, or in your community?

Sherry Ann Bruckner

Sherry Ann Bruckner

Most widely known as Lonzo's human, mediator, speaker, and author Sherry Ann Bruckner works with leaders and organizations to create peace, resolve conflict, and transform visions into results.

From her twenty-plus years' experience practicing civil and family law, and her own personal experiences with silence and violence, Sherry Ann understands how much inner peace impacts outer peace. A graduate of Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts and William Mitchell College of Law, she also studied conflict resolution at Rothberg International School in Jerusalem. Sherry serves as a neutral on matters ranging from bias and employment discrimination to marriage dissolution and caring for aging parents. A speaker and trainer on the global stage, Sherry gives you and your audience practical skills and the confidence to use embrace your personal power to create peace. Through helping thousands of people navigate their way through conflict, and finding her own way to inner peace, she shares the transformational power of clarity, compassion, curiosity, and cribbage.

Visit brucknermediation.com/services to learn more or give her a call at (320) 808-3212.
Sherry Ann Bruckner

Be gentle with you. Be gentle with all. Be the peace.