Staying in Your Lane?

Are you living a life you think you should, or a life you love? What does living your dream life look life? Wondering what dreams have to do with conflict resolution? 

Let us look at it this way. If you are truly content with your life, how do you show up? People who feel content tend to act peacefully, and demonstrate gratitude, compassion, generosity, and understanding. Ever heard the phrase “hurt people hurt people?” People experiencing hopelessness, frustration, and anger tend to say and do things that create or exacerbate conflict. The person experiencing unhappiness may not want anybody to be happy, or may not even realize the impact of their unhappiness on others. What if this relates to honoring personal wishes? 

Deep inside each of us resides a dream, which people either live or deny. What dream lives in you? Does it align with your deeper sense of being your best, and using the gifts you have? 

What if peace flourishes when people start living into dreams? Imagine what the future you, who has an amazing life, says and does? Who do you need to be to create the life you want to live?  Dreams yearn to be released and doing so allows people to show up in the best way possible. When focused on my own lane of the road to making dreams come true, I do not have the time or energy to get into anyone else’s lane and interfere with their pursuit of happiness. Are you staying in your lane and doing what you can right now to create your best life? While you are at, you may also create some peace for those around you.

Sherry Bruckner

Sherry Bruckner

A civil and family mediator, transformational coach, speaker, and trainer, Sherry Ann Bruckner lives in Alexandria, Minnesota. Visit to learn more or call Sherry at (320) 808-3212 for help transforming conflict and creating peace in your home, organization, or community.
Sherry Ann Bruckner

As always, be gentle with you. Be gentle with all. Be the peace.