Peacebuilding Skills

Whether at home, in the workplace, or engaging in the community, it is natural to disagree with people. Learn the skills to be more confident during difficult conversations and show up with clarity, compassion, and curiosity.


Peace Building 101:
Begin with You

Learn to:
Recognize connection between feelings and needs.
Understand your personal power to create peace.
Begin to speak with clarity, confidence, and compassion.


Peace Building 201:
In Close Personal Relationships

Learn to:
Clarify the desired request.
Confidently ask with clarity and compassion.
Listen with love to learn.


Peace Building 301:
In the Workplace and Organizations

Learn to:
Distinguish observation from evaluation.
Offer space to create ideas for resolution.
Be clear in expectations and requests.


Peace Building 401:
In the Community

Learn to:
Listen between the lines.
Acknowledge without agreeing.
Engage with curiosity or let be.


Peace Building 501:
Delve Deeper

Learn to:
Consider basis for beliefs.
Be comfortable with differences.
Delve deeper than good/bad and right/wrong.


Peace Building:
Communicating for Couples and Co-Parents

Learn to:
Approach conversations with compassion.
Maintain curiosity to determine needs.
Speak with clarity and confidence.

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“Sherry is compassionate, talented, and open minded. I highly recommend Bruckner Mediation.”

Katie T.

“Sherry was the first person I contacted when a conflict came up and I needed some insight before responding. As a service-oriented business, it is imperative the needs of my clients come first without detriment to the business. She has a unique way of helping one see from different perspectives, of wording responses so that others’ needs are heard and met and of keeping the conversation continuing until both parties felt an adequate resolution.”

Melissa O.

“Sherry gave me a chance to consider my own messaging and habits, which gave me the curiosity to discover new perspectives and insights. In finding peace within myself, I am also becoming a more understanding, compassionate, and loving partner in my relationships.” 

Jami G.

“Sherry has the unique ability to use both her intuition and her intellect when approaching any situation. This well-rounded ability makes for an approach to situations that is both practical and intuitive. She asks questions that lead to the solutions and uncovers practical ways of resolving them. Whomever she encounters will be working with the very best and I am grateful to have been one of them.” 

Muzamba S.

“Bruckner Mediation really helped us find peaceful resolutions by using communication tools and thoughtful compassion. Sherry has a great way of listening to understand and lovely words to guide us to our own new understanding.”

Dan and Jami G.