Lessons from Lonzo

Lessons from Lonzo : Peace Practices Inspired by a Four-Legged Friend



"Sherry Ann Bruckner's "Lessons from Lonzo" is a heartwarming and delightful journey that invites readers to explore the profound wisdom derived from the life of her beloved four-legged companion, Lonzo. Through a series of precious and cute stories featuring Lonzo, Bruckner masterfully weaves in insightful and meaningful reflections that inspire and uplift the reader. Bruckner's gentle and warm approach resonates effortlessly, creating an emotional connection that makes you feel like you're sharing these moments with an old friend. As you immerse yourself in the narrative, you'll find not only adorable anecdotes but also valuable life lessons that transcend the boundaries between human and pet. The beauty of the book lies not just in the stories, but in the profound questions Bruckner poses, prompting readers to ponder and reflect on their own lives. The journey is not just about Lonzo; it's about finding a more peaceful perspective through the lens of unconditional love and companionship. By the end, you'll undoubtedly emerge as a better person, carrying a renewed sense of gratitude and a deeper understanding of the meaningful connections that shape our lives. So, dive into this charming read, and let Lonzo's lessons leave an indelible mark on your heart, sparking newfound joy and contemplation."
~Michael A. Gregory, a mediation and negotiation specialist and an author of 12 books including The Collaboration Effect

When Lonzo finds his way from the humane society into a human

heart and home, he teaches some valuable lessons, including Lick

Your Wounds, Chase Wisely, and Hide Your Panties. His human,

Sherry Ann, shares practices inspired by her four-legged friend

that encourage you to embrace your personal power to create

peace. Lessons from Lonzo invites you to:

Be gentle with you.

Be gentle with all.

Be the peace.