Knowing Your Needs

What do you need? When most people state their needs, they really list strategies for meeting them. Whether physical well-being, connection, meaning, or play, we may all be able to list hundreds of ways to fulfill these needs. Yet, it is easy to become attached to our way.

Today, I will talk about physical well-being because it is universally understood as basic for human survival. This includes physical safety, shelter, and food. Looking around, you may see the myriad of ways that people fulfill these needs. By virtue of where you live in the world, you may have access to different means for doing so. Of course, various beliefs and economic factors play a role in how you do so as well.

Is there really more than one way to meet the need for physical well-being? Do we all have to agree on one method and stick to it? What if how I meet my needs differs from how you meet your needs and neither of us wants to change? This may lead to conflict, particularly when someone insists that everyone must do it their way. However, it is important to also remember that sometimes people may respectfully co-exist and meet their needs in different ways. For example, two people may live in the same home and eat completely different meals. 

An important part of conflict resolution involves being clear about needs, and openness and willingness to consider various ways exist to meet them. 

Mediation supports these important conversations by providing a safe space where you may speak your truth, be heard, and create ideas for resolution. 

Sherry Bruckner

Sherry Bruckner

A civil and family mediator, transformational coach, speaker, and trainer, Sherry Ann Bruckner lives in Alexandria, Minnesota. Visit to learn more or call Sherry at (320) 808-3212 for help transforming conflict and creating peace in your home, organization, or community.
Sherry Ann Bruckner

As always, be gentle with you. Be gentle with all. Be the peace.