Getting Comfortable with Conflict

Do you ever see something differently than someone else? Are you in a situation where you disagree with what is happening? If so, you may be experiencing conflict. From time to time people tell me that they do not have any conflict, and then proceed to tell me about a dispute with a family member, colleague, friend, or someone else. People feel pretty strongly about what conflict means, and often associate it with negativity. Is conflict really negative?

When you go swimming, the water may resist you from moving forward, but you push or pull the water to keep moving forward. The water’s resistance is neither positive nor negative. Likewise, conflict itself is neither positive or negative. We give conflict whatever meaning we choose. If you are involved in a conflict, does that make you a bad person? No, it means you are human. What if naming a conflict actually releases the power it currently has over you? 

If you deny the existence of conflict, it may keep you perpetually stuck in the same situation, or treading water in the same place indefinitely. Acknowledging conflict leads you to clarify your own needs. You will only figure out strategies for conflict resolution, when you name it. Otherwise, you may find yourself exhausted.

Admitting you have conflict in your life does not make you more or less nice. It may, however, provide a sense of freedom. What conflict means and how it impacts your life is up to you. Conflict coaching empowers individuals to gain clarity and engage confidently and compassionately. Allowing space for people to clarify needs and consider options may create more lasting solutions.

Sherry Ann Bruckner

Sherry Ann Bruckner

Most widely known as Lonzo's human, mediator, speaker, and author Sherry Ann Bruckner works with leaders and organizations to create peace, resolve conflict, and transform visions into results.

From her twenty-plus years' experience practicing civil and family law, and her own personal experiences with silence and violence, Sherry Ann understands how much inner peace impacts outer peace. A graduate of Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts and William Mitchell College of Law, she also studied conflict resolution at Rothberg International School in Jerusalem. Sherry serves as a neutral on matters ranging from bias and employment discrimination to marriage dissolution and caring for aging parents. A speaker and trainer on the global stage, Sherry gives you and your audience practical skills and the confidence to use embrace your personal power to create peace. Through helping thousands of people navigate their way through conflict, and finding her own way to inner peace, she shares the transformational power of clarity, compassion, curiosity, and cribbage.

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Sherry Ann Bruckner

Be gentle with you. Be gentle with all. Be the peace.