why conflict coaching?


  • Gain clarity
  • Be confident and compassionate
  • Improve overall communication 
  • Restore peace of mind
  • Speak your truth

who benefits from conflict coaching?

Conflict Coaching

  • Spouses, partners, siblings, parents, or grandparents
  • Landlords, tenants, roommates, or neighbors
  • Business owners, managers, employers, employees, or co-workers
  • Members and leaders of charitable, philanthropic, or religious organizations
  • Anyone involved in a dispute

What HAPPENS IN conflict coaching?

Conflict Coaching

We talk about your conflict...in a new way. 

  • We clarify what is happening and your needs. 
  • We consider the options and perspectives of you and others involved in the conflict.
  • We create a plan that allows you to speak your truth, meet your needs, and show up as your most confident, compassionate self. 
  • Anyone experiencing feelings of conflict about or toward another person, agency, group, organization, or situation may participate in conflict coaching. 

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"I meet many bright and talented people who may be masters in one area and struggle with how to handle conflict in another part of life. Whether it is at home, in the workplace, or in an organizational capacity, conflict coaching allows you to process the conflict in a safe setting and clarify needs, consider options, and create a plan to show up as your most competent, confident, and compassionate self. I love watching someone realize the significance of choosing to show up differently."

Sherry Bruckner, Bruckner Mediation

You may benefit from coaching wherever you are via webcam or in person in Alexandria, Minnesota.

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