Most mediations currently occur on-line through a Zoom platform. The Zoom platform allows all participants to meet in a main room akin to a large conference room. It also allows participants to meet in private conference rooms, which Zoom refers to as breakout rooms. If anyone enters a breakout room, each participant will be asked to enter their respective breakout rooms.  The mediator may still caucus with on-line mediation participants as requested, or for the duration of the mediation, based upon the preference of the participants.

You may request a mediation in your location or at the Bruckner Mediation office at 324 Broadway Street in Alexandria. All in-person participants must wear masks per the current Minnesota mandate. If you are unable to wear a mask or prefer not to do so, you may participate on-line or via telephone.

On-Line Dispute Resolution (ODR) allows you to participate in mediation from wherever you have an internet connection.